Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation

Your Tampa Bay Chandelier Experts!

At Small Jobs Electric ®, we know the importance of a beautiful chandelier. We also know the importance of proper installation. We provide Chandelier Installation to the entire Tampa Bay area, and partner with companies such as Aladdin Light Lifts. We provide professional chandelier installation, and receive recommendations from these other companies because we have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly install your chandelier or light lift. We have repaired many chandelier installations that were improperly mounted, even emergency repairs to prevent chandeliers from falling from their mount. These can be beautiful centerpieces for any room, or entry way, however an improper installation can be very dangerous. Often chandeliers are heavy, and require care when installing to ensure they are secure, and to ensure your safety. At Small Jobs Electric ®, we do not just provide excellent “Service in a Flash”, and 24 hour service, but we complete the job properly, to ensure the safety of your chandelier and the people in your home who will enjoy its beauty.

At Small Jobs Electric ®, we have a dedicated specialist for larger chandelier installations. Why would we need someone dedicated just for this? Because the installation of larger chandeliers often times require ensuring the ceiling mount is of proper strength and weight to support the chandelier being installed. While we do not sell chandeliers, we are experts in understanding what type and size of chandelier will look the best in your space. Properly installing a chandelier takes thought, and we ensure we cover every detail with our customers. We will not install a chandelier that will not look outstanding after we are complete. We do not just want our customers to be satisfied with our customer service, but also the quality of work we perform.

Being professional electricians, we ensure the job is completed correctly the first time. We do this by fully evaluating the space that your chandelier will be installed into. We will evaluate the electrical wiring, to ensure there will be proper power for your chandelier, we evaluate the selected place of installation to ensure it can support the weight, and if needed we add support to the area, to ensure a safe and secure mount.

We want to assist you in every way when it comes down to such a beautiful masterpiece. We are chandelier experts, and that will show in the end results after we are completed. With over 100 combined years of electrical service, the professionals at Small Jobs Electric ® can handle any task, no job is too small!

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