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What is an electrical outlet, and why are they important in our home? Let’s be honest, an electrical outlet is something that is neglected in most homes. Here at Small Jobs Electric, we want to teach you just how important these fixtures are, and the dangers they can propose. Always contact a certified electrician for proper electrical outlet installation.

An Electrical Outlet installation sometimes gets overlooked, and certainly this isn’t done on purpose, rather it is something that we just expect to work when we plug in our favorite device. But what happens when an electrical outlet doesn’t work? Electrical Outlets are definitely something that we need to pay attention to as small as they are, let’s take a look at why they are important, some of the big dangers they can propose, and the steps you can take to ensure your outlets are operating properly.

Alternatively referred to as a power socket, wall outlet, or wall socket, an outlet is the location of where the power cord plugs into the wall. During an electrical outlet installation, if an electrical outlet is not properly grounded it could result in a number of problems that include: a computer that does not boot, random errors, and physical damage to the computer, and any other electrical device shorting out when you plug into the socket. There are also certain types of outlets to be used for high powered devices, high voltage devices, and used in situations where there may be a risk of water coming into contact with the electrical outlet. For example there are 20A outlets made for higher amperage devices, outlets made to handle 220 – 240 volts, and outlets made to trip for safety if they were to get wet called GFCI outlets.

15A vs 20A Electrical Outlet

15A vs 20A Outlet

GFCI Electrical Outlet

GFCI Outlet

240v Electrical Outlet

240v Outlet

What Powers our Outlets?

But exactly what power is running into our outlets? To answer this question we must consult Mr. Nikola Tesla, thanks to his invention of AC (alternating current), the generation and transportation of electricity had never been easier. Virtually all electrical outlets will supply AC, alternating current. The voltage varies in our electrical outlets between 100 – 127V or 220 – 240V, and the frequency will be either 50Hz or 60Hz, depending on the location. Now that we have a basic understanding of what the electrical outlet is, we need to know why they are so important. We never think about how much we use them and how most if not all of our household items only work when plugged in. They not only provide light in dark situations but they keep us moving from day to day.

Electrical Outlets and Safety in our Homes

Lastly, let’s talk about what we can do to take preventative measures to make sure our electrical outlets are operating safely and our electrical outlet installation is done properly. One danger that can arise in our homes is an overloaded circuit. In some cases there isn’t always an outlet where you need one, or you have too many things plugged into one of the electrical outlets in your home. This can be a potential fire hazard, and if an electrical emergency should arise, please contact Small Jobs Electric immediately! How can we prevent this from being an issue; only use as many plug as you have, in other words don’t try to plug more powered devices then you have available electrical outlets. This should keep you from overloading any circuits in your home. Should you need more outlets then available, you could call Small Jobs Electric to wire more outlets into your home, or consult with us to seek other available methods for adding more outlets where they may be needed. There are options such as surge protectors, but always consult a licensed electrician when it comes to electrical questions and keeping your home safe.

Something that can be done for any homeowner, or someone looking to purchase a home, is to have an electrical inspection done on your home. Small Jobs Electric can perform an electrical inspection on your home to help you determine if there are any dangers associated with the electrical outlets in your home. The inspection will also test the circuits in your home, and warn you of any potential dangers that may be hiding behind your walls. Having the security of knowing the electrical outlets are working properly in your home can provide great peace of mind for any homeowner. Electrical outlets are rated for certain amperage devices, and what they can properly handle, so if you need to power a high amperage device consult Small Jobs Electric to ensure the best electrical safety. If electrical outlets or circuits need to be replaced or upgraded there is no job to big or small for Small Jobs Electric!

If you think there may be an issue with one of the electrical outlets in your home, do not delay, call Small Jobs Electric today!

Here is a general list of electrical outlets that you can have wired in your home and much more:

  • Electrical Outlet Replacements
  • Outdoor Electrical Outlet
  • Range Electrical Outlet
  • Dryer Electrical Outlet
  • Washer Electrical Outlet
  • TV Electrical Outlet
  • Microwave Electrical Outlet
  • General Purpose Electrical Outlet
  • Tanning Bed Electrical Outlet
  • RV Electrical Outlet
  • Garage Electrical Outlet
  • Any and all electrical outlets to make your day better.
  • Electrical outlets not working? We can fix that too.
  • Something you don’t see in the list? Don’t worry we do that too.

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