Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed Lighting InstallationWhat is Recessed Lighting?

You have probably heard this term a few different ways; recessed lighting, can lights, or recessed can lights. No matter what name they are given from person to person they are recessed lighting. Not so shocking how they got their name as they are shaped just like cans. The housings which are in a cylindrical form, typically metal for being able to regulate the temperature from the light bulb. Recessed lighting are most often used where spacing is not efficient enough to have a hanging light fixture. That doesn’t have to be the only option though as recessed lighting installation can be used to accentuate a bigger light fixture, provide dim hallway lighting, recessed lighting installation can be used for highlighting and spotlighting specific areas in your home. Most of the time they are big space savers for kitchens and hallways with standard ceiling heights. There are a few more things you should know before making recessed lighting your lighting choice.

Blue Lightning BoltWhat Recessed Lighting Should I Use?

Our professionals can help you figure out which recessed lighting installation is best for the area your choosing to use it in. One of the best things about recessed lighting installation is that they are almost completely flush to the ceiling and take up virtually no space. Choosing the right recessed lighting will pretty much come down to preference of design. Again, the space in which you are utilizing the recessed lighting will depict the amount you’ll need or if you just need to brighten things up a bit. Recessed lighting can be a perfect add on to any closet for more lighting or showing off a piece of art work in your main living space.

Blue Lightning BoltRecessed Lighting Styles and Sizes

Recessed lighting are becoming the new way of room lighting. The recessed lighting typically come in two pieces, the housing and the trim. The housing is the metal can the light will sit in and of course the trim will be the decorative covering that is flush to your ceiling. You can choose any trim piece you like and one that fits in the room your using it. There is a wide range of styles and sizes available for you to choose from including baffle, lensed, reflector, wall-wash, and adjustable. The possibilities for complete customization are endless.

Blue Lightning BoltRecessed Lighting Installation, Insulation, Energy Efficient and Safety Benefits

Whether you are replacing old recessed lighting, are adding new ones, the old fashioned ones are more likely to consume large amounts of energy, and get too hot for safety purposes for your attic or the fixture itself. Their unsealed canisters usher out heated air into your attic causing possibly more dangerous situations that no one should have to deal with. The old style recessed lighting could not be insulated properly to divert that hot air into a safer route outside your home. The old recessed lighting would end up costing more money and giving home owners the potential for more dangerous situations.

Not anymore! The manufacturers have gone back to the drawing board and solved both problems with IC- and AT-rated can lights. IC means you can cover the housing with insulation (without risk of burning down your house), and AT means the housing is airtight. If your new lights will go into an insulated ceiling, don’t use anything else. Let Small Jobs Electric professionals help guide you in the right direction.

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