Beware of The Hidden Dangers of Aluminum Wiring…

It may or may not come as a surprise to you, but from the mid-1960’s on into the 1970’s, homes were commonly built using aluminum wiring due to a shortage of copper. This alternate wiring was, in fact, a serious issue. Did you know that your home is 55 times more likely to have an electrical fire if you have aluminum wiring? Why? Well, because of the nature of aluminum, this kind of wiring heats up more than copper and damages the connections. In fact, due to the serious issues with this type of wiring, insurance companies will no longer insure a home if it contains aluminum wiring. If you are trying to sell your home, this will need to be fixed in order for the new buyer to purchase insurance.

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What Are Your Options?

So, what options are available to fix this issue? Well, there are two solutions to fix this issue. You can either re-wire your home, or you can have Small Jobs Electric install aluminum connectors. Read more to find out which option works best for you.

You may ask yourself:

What Are Aluminum Connectors?

These are connectors with 3 separate ports to eliminate intermixing of conductors. They coat the aluminum wires with thin layers of a silicon sealant that provides protection from oxidation.

What Can These Small Devices Handle?

They can handle 12-10 solid aluminum and 18-10 solid or stranded copper. Unfortunately, they usually don’t work for large appliances because the voltage necessary to power these items is too high.

How Many Aluminum Connectors Fit Into a Box?

The number varies from box to box. This, however, depends on how it is wired. Usually, there are 3 connectors per box. One connector is for the hot wires, the second one is for your neutral wires and the third one is for the ground wires.

Can Aluminum Connectors be Reused?

No. Once you’ve used it, it cannot be reused. This is because the sealant becomes unusable after the first installation.

Don’t Let Outdated Aluminum Wiring Put Your Family at Risk!

If your home was built in the 1960’s or 1970’s your home may be at risk of having aluminum wiring. This type of wiring has a very high chance of a fire hazard. Please for your safety as well as your families, Don’t take the risk!

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