Got A Bum Breaker? We Can Fix It In A Flash!

A breaker that keeps tripping can cause major headaches, including problems from erasing hours of unsaved digital work to making dinner preparation impossible. If a bum breaker is causing you problems in the Tampa Bay area, turn to the breaker restoration experts at Small Jobs Electric. We have been restoring malfunctioning circuit breakers since 1986.

Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Repair

  • Frequently having to reset the breaker.
  • Hissing or popping sounds sounds coming from the panel.
  • Burning smells from the breaker box.
  • The breaker is hot to the touch.

If you are experiencing any or all of the above signs, you need the professional electricians at Small Jobs Electric to investigate your circuit panel immediately. Breakers protect your property by keeping your appliances from overloading and your circuits from suddenly spiking. A breaker that needs restoration is not performing its basic function and represents a potential fire hazard.

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Why Choose Small Jobs Electric for Circuit Breaker Restoration?

  • Family Owned & Operated — As a family owned company, we only have to please our customers, not corporate bosses.
  • Upfront Pricing — You’ll know what your restoration work costs before we start — no surprises.
  • “Electrical Supply House on Wheels” — Our licensed electricians arrive to your property in a fully stocked van, meaning that most restoration work can be performed in just one visit.
  • Safety — We background check and drug test our staff because we don’t hire any electricians that we wouldn’t want working on our own home.

Don’t Let a Bad Breaker Bother You for Long — Call Small Jobs Electric

Small Jobs Electric is ready to restore your bad breakers in the Tampa Bay area. When it comes time for electric work, trust a local, family owned company. Call us today at one of our three convenient area phone numbers to schedule your professional circuit breaker repair today!