Do you need electrical insulation testing? Has your home been struck by lightning? If so, you may have started having issues with your electrical system. This can happen due to the extreme heat surge generated by the lightning strike. The lightning strike causes the insulation surrounding the wires to melt creating a serious issue in the electrical wiring of the home. The question then arises, is there a way of finding the area of compromise without tearing the drywall off of the walls? The answer is, Yes! Electrical Insulation Testing is a reliable way of finding the problem area. In fact, insurance companies will often require Electrical Insulation Testing by a licensed electrician or engineer to make a claim.

Electrical Insulation Testing

You may be wondering what Electrical Insulation Testing is? As you likely know, electricity is conducted along wires. As mentioned, these wires are insulated to prevent the escape of electricity. If the insulation surrounding the wires breaks down or is damaged, this allows electricity to escape, create shorts or even fires. This is especially true with lightning damage.  Since it is not always obvious where the problem areas exist, lightning damage insulation testing is a necessary testing method to pinpoint conductivity issues and locations. Due to the complexity of the electrical system, the whole process may take several hours. Each electrical circuit is tested using specialized methods. In the end, our electrician will be able to determine the location and extent of the damage.

Insulation Testing Experts

If you are looking for a company that knows how to assess the integrity of electrical insulation, Small Jobs Electric ® is the company to call. We know how to properly test and calculate the performance of your electrical insulation. At Small Jobs Electric ® we will be able to find the source of any breakdown in the wiring due to lightning strikes or other breakdowns in the insulation. With over 30 years of experience in the electrical field, our experts can provide the necessary insight to provide an accurate report for insurance claims. Small Jobs Electric ® proudly serves the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon and Hernando communities. We are your one-stop source for electrical services. So, we will make sure your electrical system is running smoothly. Give us a call today!