Electrical Lighting Installation and Repair

No matter what type of Electrical lighting installation and repair you are in need of, Small Jobs Electric ® has the expertise to assist you with your lighting project. It is the goal of our Master Electricians to provide our customers with quality electrical work in a flash! We are a professional Tampa electrical lighting installation and repair company. We employ only reliable and capable Tampa electricians who have the ability to resolve any electrical lighting problem you may have.

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Small Jobs Electric ® can replace, repair, or install your lighting fixtures under any circumstances. You can count on our licensed and experienced lighting professional electricians to be able to handle any lighting situation that may arise in your home. With over 30+ years experience serving the Tampa Bay area, you can trust Small Jobs Electric with your electrical lighting installation and repair job. For an example of some types of electrical lighting installation and repair, please see below.

Recessed Lighting (can/pot lights)..

Recessed can lighting have become more popular in the last 15 years. Often recessed can lighting is added to bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Recess cans can enhance the light level in a room without taking up excess space like floor lamps. We have found that many homeowners are updating their fluorescent lights and kitchen areas to include recessed lighting.

Pendant Lights..

Pendant lights are typically used in kitchen bar areas and kitchen island areas but many interior decorators like to use them above nightstands as a bedside lighting option.


At Small Jobs Electric ®, we know the importance of a beautiful chandelier. We also know the importance of proper installation

Cabinet Lighting..

Whether you have glass front cabinets or would like some extra countertop light we have multiple options for cabinet lighting. Some of the options you can choose from our Zenon Lighting and LED tape lighting/LED bulbs as well as fluorescent.

 Track Lighting..

Track lighting is often used to display artwork and pictures. Although track lighting may not be as popular right now it still serves many purposes. Art galleries and business’s often use track lighting.

Sconce Lighting..

Sconce lights are indoor wall-mounted lights. Sconce lights are usually installed with visual Aesthetics in mind. Wall sconces do not give off as much light as ceiling lighting however the can provide an extra level of Elegance and Prestige to a room.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting..

If you have an amazing home during the day but you can’t see it at night add landscape lighting and watch your home come to life. Benefits of landscape lighting are added security and can eliminate Pathways so you can see your way.

Flood and Motion Lights..

We often find that most times people install motion lights it’s for an added sense of security or convenience. Motion lights can be good for stopping unwanted interactions with wild animals, burglars or you might just be afraid of the dark.

Pot Rack Lights..

Normally only ever found over a kitchen island. The pot rack light is a rack that holds pot and pots and pans and also contains a light or lights. Oftentimes pot racks are heavy and they require additional support when being installed.

Pool Table Lights..

Light specifically made for above a pool table which concentrates light over the table. When properly installed light should sit at 40 to 45 in above the table.

Vanity Lights..

Vanity lighting can be found in bathrooms typically above the mirror.

Pool Lights..

Pool lights are located inside the pool and are designed to illuminate the pool at night. Pool lights are a code requirement. Pool lights come in many varieties and colors. Some options are standard 2700k color or LED multicolor RGB.

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