Do you have really high ceilings and want a chandelier installed? No problem, the professionals at Small Jobs Electric can help with your high ceiling chandelier installation. We are experts in high ceiling chandelier installation. We can also offer you a light lift, making cleaning your chandelier as easy as pushing a button. No more ladders and safety concerns! We work to provide you the best service possible, and do not leave until the job is finished.

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A grand entrance speaks volumes just by opening the door and seeing a beautiful chandelier or light fixture that immediately catches your eye. As a result, the first thing most people think about is “How did they get that up there”, very carefully of course. Our professionals will help you dress up your two-story home or foyer with complete care and ease. A high ceiling chandelier installation requires a little more expertise, but our professionals will install it with ease just like all other chandelier or light fixture installations.

Make sure the breaker is off before starting any electrical improvement in any home. Then use a non-contact circuit tester to make sure the electricity to that location is off. As a result, these steps ensure the safety of everyone involved in the high ceiling chandelier installation process. Our professional electricians will make sure the job is completed correctly. We do this by fully evaluating the space that your chandelier will be installed into. To ensure proper power for your chandelier, we will evaluate the electrical wiring. Small Jobs Electric will also evaluate the selected place of installation. This is to ensure no further support is needed.

Having the right tools for the job is the key to a successful high ceiling chandelier installation. To safely and properly install your fixtures our certified electricians will use ladders, extension ladders, scaffolding and even scissor lifts. Furthermore, there is no ceiling too high for our professionals to install the chandelier or light fixture of your dreams.

With over 100 years combined experience as professional electricians, Small Jobs Electric ® can handle any task. No job is too small!

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