Let the Pros Install Your Light Fixtures

Sometimes installing a new light fixture is a fairly simple task. Other times, like when the fixture is very large, or being hung in a hard-to-reach place, it helps to have a professional install the fixture. In the Tampa Bay area, Small Jobs Electric provide professional fixture installation. Call our experienced fixture installers today.

Small Jobs Electric Can Install All Kinds of Lighting, including:

Want to install a fixture in a place where one wasn’t before? Installing a new fixture box and then hanging the light is another area where Small Jobs Electric can help. Our electricians know how to run new wiring and a switch for the new fixture.

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Why Choose Small Jobs Electric for Fixture Installation?

  • Family Owned & Operated — Because we’re family owned, we can focus solely on our 100% satisfaction guarantee rather than meeting some corporate benchmarks.
  • “Electrical Supply House on Wheels” — Our fixture experts arrive at your home in a fully stocked electrical van, which means that we can usually complete all work in just one visit — saving you time and money!
  • Safety — Small Jobs Electric only hires electricians that we would want working on our own home, so you can trust our drug-tested and background-checked staff to work in your home.
  • Experience — We’ve been hanging fixtures in Tampa Bay area homes since 1986, so you can count on our lighting experts to know just what to do.

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Small Jobs Electric is ready to help you hang any type of light fixture today. Call us at any of our three convenient area numbers to schedule a professional light fixture installation.