Pool Table Lighting Installation

Have you ever thought about needing the perfect light? What about needing something so specific that you say to yourself “That’s gonna be expensive”. I think we’ve all been there at least once in our lifetime. You finally purchased that beautiful pool table you’ve been wanting for years and it looks great in your home. Problem is, it’s missing something, Pool table lighting Small Jobs Electric is your choice for that perfect pool table lighting installation job in your home.

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The Ambiance

The pool table lighting lights up the entire table in a proper manner for game time. It also completes the whole feel and brings the ambiance of a cool pool hall right in your home. I’m sure you’ve seen pool table lighting in a local pool hall. Maybe in movies. So you already have your mind made up as to what you’re looking for. Just having a well-lit room will not provide the ideal environment for the best Pool Table lighting conditions. If you want to get the lighting conditions right, then it is worth investing in the proper Pool Table Lighting.

Pool Table Lighting Installation

Securing your pool table lighting installation first is the key to everything else falling into place. The pool table lighting installation needs to be hung high enough to not hit it with your cue sticks and still low enough to illuminate the whole table. Also, pool table lighting installation need to be chosen based up how big your pool table is. For 7 to 8 foot tables, hang a series of lights that equal 52 inches long combined. On the other hand, 9-foot tables typically require a light that consists of one to four shades, totaling 62 inches long.

So let the professionals at Small Jobs Electric guide you in the right direction and help you choose a light that works best for your table and it’s location in your home. It’s more than just pool table lighting, it brings to life an awesome game to be shared with family and friends for years to come.

With over 100 years combined experience as professional electricians, Small Jobs Electric ® can handle any task. No job is too small!

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