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Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Red Lightning BoltSolar Panel Installation

Do you have a home with high electricity bills?

Small Jobs Electric ® provides quality solar panel installations for your home or business. Call (813) 968-5856 today to find out how installing solar energy can reduce and/or eliminate your power bills!

Why Choose Solar Electricity?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons below.

– Environmentally Friendly

  • The environmental benefits of solar energy are undeniable, thereby making it an investment into our planet’s healthy future for many generations to come.

  • – It’s a Good Investment

  • Most electric utility companies bill their customers using a tiered rate plan. This plan typically means the first 1000 kilo-watt hours consumed per month are billed at the lowest rate per kilo-watt hour and anything over that is charged at a higher rate. Additionally Solar systems can replace your highest cost power first. Furthermore if your system is large enough you may even be able to eliminate your utility bill altogether!

  • – Adds Property Value

  • Homeowners can expect a reasonable increase in their homes resale value. An article in the Appraisal’s Journal showed that a home’s value increases $20,000 for every $1,000 saved in annual electricity which means most systems will have paid for themselves the moment the solar system is installed. Another study by the USDE stated that homes that have solar energy sell twice as fast as those that do not.

  • Why use Small Jobs Electric for your Solar Electric needs?

    Let’s take a look at a few reasons below.

    – Affordability

  • Small Jobs Electric is a residential service repair company, additionally we don’t rely on solar installations to stay in business – that means our customers save money!

  • – Dependability

  • Small Jobs Electric ® has been serving the greater Tampa area since 1986. We have NEVER outsourced or sub-contracted our work, nor are we a franchise. We are a small, family owned and operated company dedicated to providing the best red carpet service experience.

  • – Professional Service

  • We’re professionals and experts in our field! Our license number is EC 0003040. We are also bonded and insured. All of our technicians are uniformed, and background checked and drug tested.

  • – Warranties

  • Our solar panels all have a 25 year manufacturer warranty. Additionally Small Jobs Electric ® provides an in-house 3 year warranty for failures to the solar invertors or panels. You’ll find that Small Jobs Electric offers one of the longest warranties as compared to other companies who offer a typical warranty of one year. That is because we believe that a company is only as good as their warranty!

  • – Education

  • We are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest technology for going green. We know it’s vital to keep ourselves and our customers up to date about the benefits of using solar energy and to educate them about other ways they can save and conserve power.

  • Please contact us today, for further information about how we can assist you.

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