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Nothing quite finishes a space like a beautiful chandelier does! At Small Jobs Electric, we understand that your chandelier is not only a statement piece but an investment. We are experienced in installing Murano, Chihuly, Waterford and Restoration Hardware fixtures and Chandeliers. You have likely spent a lot of time curating the perfect piece to finish your space, so don’t let just any old company install it. No other electrical company servicing the Tampa Bay area has as much experience installing chandeliers as the team at Small Jobs Electric!

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An Expert in the Field of Chandelier Installation

It requires special skills to install chandeliers! We have partnered with companies like Aladdin Light Lift, Flexlift and others to allow us to have the proper equipment and “know how”. In addition, we receive recommendations and training from other companies which gives us the experience and knowledge necessary to properly install your chandelier or light lift.

The Importance of Vigilance

Chandeliers are a beautiful addition to any home. However, if not installed properly, they could become a dangerous hazard. Many chandeliers are heavy and require special care during installation to make sure they are secure and safe. Our specialists have repaired many chandeliers that were not installed properly. We have even done emergency repairs to prevent chandeliers from falling from their mount. We make sure that your chandelier is installed properly. Then you can enjoy its beauty without any concerns for safety.

Dedicated Chandelier Specialists

At Small Jobs Electric ®, we take pride in the quality of work we perform. The best results come from understanding your vision after installation. It is important to us that the type and size of your chandelier will look great once completed. Also, many chandeliers are quite heavy and require special mounting. The electrical wiring needs to be evaluated as well to make sure it will have the proper power supply. We want to make sure that vital details are not overlooked. That is why clear communication with our customers is important to us. In addition, larger chandelier installation requires more skill. For this reason, we have trained, dedicated specialists to meet these needs.

Done Right The First Time

We know our customers will be satisfied with the quality of work we perform. Because of our approach to chandelier installation, we are certain that your chandelier will be safe and look outstanding upon completion. At Small Jobs Electric, we make sure the job is done right the first time.

Chandelier Gallery

Please take a moment to visit our gallery to see some of the chandeliers we have installed.

Here For You

We are happy to assist you with every aspect your installation. We know that you will be very happy with the final results of your chandelier installation. It will be a masterpiece!

With over 200 years combined experience as professional electricians, Small Jobs Electric ® can handle any task. We do not just provide excellent “Service in a Flash” and 24-hour service, but we complete every job properly. No job is too small!

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