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 Electrical Wiring in Your Home

Your home electrical wiring is more important than you may realize. It is one of the single most important systems in your home in terms of comfort and safety. A homes electrical system is used to run virtually all of the modern day comforts we have grown accustomed to. This includes your air conditioning, refrigeration, entertainment and devices. Each time you turn a light on, microwave food, turn on your fan or plug in your hairdryer, you are drawing electricity through your home wiring. In fact, the demands on a homes electrical system are growing year by year. Since it is such an important part of your home, due diligence is necessary. In fact, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International (EFSI), there are over 47,000 house fires each year from electrical issues. These fires lead to more than 400 deaths a year. Electrical safety should not be ignored.

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Should I Be Concerned About My Home Wiring?

It may come as a surprise to many, but over 80% of the homes we visit have electrical issues because of wiring problems. This can be true even for newer homes. Oftentimes, electrical work has been performed by unlicensed individuals who are performing the work in an irresponsible manner. Other times a kindly family friend has offered to install a ceiling fan but it hasn’t been wired properly. We have found many cases where electrical boxes were missing, wiring was done with lamp wire or the connections were so loose that they had become a hazard. Because of these scenarios, many homes do not pass electrical inspections when the homeowner wishes to put their home on the market. Don’t be fooled, saving a little bit of money in the short term can lead to spending a lot of money later. Perhaps even rebuilding your home after a fire.

Issues of Old Wiring

Depending on the age of your home, you could be dealing with a potential fire risk. Why would this happen? Well, over the years, wiring can begin to break down. The plastic surrounding the wires become brittle and begin to deteriorate. Also, rodents have been known to chew through electrical wires. All of these situations and others can lead to hidden fire hazards. Often, an electrical wiring problem is revealed when lights start to flicker or dim, shorts happen and hot spots appear. Sometimes sizzling and crackling noises can be heard or you might feel a shock when you touch your appliances or other electrical related objects. These signs should not be ignored. Don’t hesitate to get your home wiring upgraded if you are unsure.

When Would I Need New Wiring?

There are other reasons why additional electrical wiring would be needed in a home. For example, a homeowner might like to add a ceiling fan, decorative lighting or security lights to areas that did not have existing electrical wiring. In this case, new wiring would be necessary to run electricity to the projected area. A licensed electrician can ensure that the additional load to the electrical circuit will not cause an overload on it. This will also make sure that the electrical wiring used is up to code and installed properly.

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