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Circuit Breaker Replacement

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Tampa Circuit Breaker Replacement

Got a Breaker That Keeps Tripping? Replace It!

An old, malfunctioning breaker that is constantly tripping can really disrupt your household. If you find yourself constantly resetting the same breaker, it may be time to let a professional electrician replace it. That’s when you need to call Small Jobs Electric®. Our family owned and operated company has been replacing bum breakers in the Tampa Bay Area since 1986.

Need a same-day appointment for your breaker replacement? Contact us today at 813-968-5856!

How to Tell If a Circuit Breaker Is Bad

Discover how to tell if your circuit breaker is bad, so if that’s the case, you can promptly move forward with a replacement, and thus protect your home’s electrical system, appliances, and family from the related dangers.

It is likely you have a bad circuit breaker and need replacement if you:

  • Experience flickering or blinking lights
  • Notice an electrical burning smell
  • Uncover frayed, exposed, or damaged wiring
  • Struggle to keep your breaker in “reset” mode
  • Face low efficiency or interruptions with appliances
  • Struggle with frequent circuit breaker trips
  • Have an older home with an outdated panel
  • Find scorch marks on the breaker, outlets, or appliances
  • Hear unusual noises, like hissing or crackling sounds
  • Realize that your breaker is hot to the touch

If you notice any of these things or a combination of them, it’s important that you call a professional immediately.

Choose Small Jobs Electric®

If you think you have a breaker malfunctioning, call our expert Tampa circuit breaker replacement team today. Our professionals are eager to help you protect your home and your family. With our fully stocked vans, our electricians arrive ready to fix any problem. There are no unpleasant “surprises” with us because you’ll know what the work will cost before it starts. We also don’t hire any electricians we wouldn’t want working in our own home, so we background-check and drug-test our entire staff. We’re ready to help throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.

At Small Jobs Electric®, your safety is our top priority. Call us now at 813-968-5856 to schedule your circuit breaker replacement in Tampa!

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